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Alvvé is a new professional skin care company driven by science and technology. Alvvé’s products are sold to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic doctors.

The Brief

Making a fully responsive website that introduces the new company to potential customers by accurately explaining in an engaging manner the distinctive features and innovative technology behind these unique products.

The Challenge

Leading the creative process of this website required us to understand the complex science behind the patented products. To make this work, our work had to intertwine with the clinical department’s work, rendering us a fully integrated department while working on this project.

The Ingredients

Home Page - Hero Section

Minimalism, skin, and nature were the keywords we defined when we thought about the home page top section (Aka Hero section). We did not mind being mysterious when it came to the visual, because our goal was to work with an explanatory catch phrase in big typography.


Harmonic series of custom made line icons, in order to help illustrate complex concepts of technology and science.

Time Conscious

Data Driven

Forward Thinking

Lifting Effect

Reduces Wrinkles

Long Lasting Effects

Stem Cell Technology

Elasticity & Softness

Hydrate & Restore

How To Use






The final photos needed to be improved. We were asked to assemble and retouch the photos so that they will fit the style of the website.
The Vision
Photo No 1
Photo No 2
Final Image

Design That Click